Thursday, September 28, 2006


Haven't blogged much lately I know. Honestly I haven't done much of anything lately. I have been opening and closing the same two art projects for over a week with almost no progress. My house is messy. My clothes need washing (not the ones I'm wearing! just in general). My dishes need doing. I need to paint the window at the salon because I need my hair done. I have only made one necklace (oh, I found a place that might sell my jewlery, more of the things I haven't blogged about). I have a video that's two weeks over due.

Mostly I've just been working out, then working, then making dinner (at least I'm still making half decent food) then reading on the hide-a-bed, then poking around at the computer without blogging, drawing or posting...then going to bed.

I dunno what's up...I'm not sleeping well (well I did last night, but I only got about 5 hours a night the rest of the week) and I think I'm fighting a cold. Surely that's not enough to drain me this badly? Guess it is.

I did go to the Alexisonfire concert on monday night with my cousin and her husband (and naturally my husband). That was pretty fun. I bought a tank top. I can't wear it though because as I mentioned I haven't done laundry yet and it REEKS of smoke. It was a dirty dirty dirty bar. Good show though.

Here's a little story before I go, it didn't cheer me up, but I know it will cheer you up...or gross you out. Well it made Cashier Girl laugh anyway.

I was lifeguarding today, as usual. There was this special needs man named Charlie. I don't know Charlie but the aid called him Charlie so that must be his name. Anyway, Charlie is a middle aged man, average to pudgy build with dark hair and a mustache and blue swim trunks. Blue unlined swimtrunks. Everything is just free in the swim trunks. So he gets out of the hot tub and starts walking to the slide and keeps pulling his shorts up (can you see where this is going?) Yeah he pulls them up so high that everything is hanging out the bottom of his shorts. Everything. I don't profess to be an expert, but I didn't know that balls could hang that low. I'm kind of scarred now, so I only feel better by scarring as many other people as I can to spread it around. *shudder*

He didn't even notice!

Sometime I'm going to write and indecent pool stories might be kinda long though. Good night...hopefully I sleep.