Monday, October 02, 2006

Why, Esquires? Why?

So I went to Esquires (my favourite coffee shop) for lunch today. I love it because you can get soup and a bagel for $3.65. I was all excited, because it's cold here and perfect for soup. I walked down singing "soup soup soup!" to myself. Then I arrived.

It's closed!



Oh I wanted to cry, it's so tragic. Not only have I lost my favourite coffee shop, but that means I'm down to three places I can eat at withing walking distance of work (and I usually don't have the car) two fast food places and a pita place. None of them have soup. I had a pita. I was good. Soup would have been better though.

On another note, I had a nasty nightmare on Saturday night. I was having a normal dream. By normal I mean that was dreaming about a reunion of my bible school friends. Only I was hanging out with my mom (not the nightmare, mom, don't worry!)...and we were driving....well I was, see this part of the dream was like a video game, I could see us from overhead and I was driving on this thin road with water on both sides, but I kept falling off (I suck at those games) but I could just keep going in the water, cause it was a game. Aaaanyway, then I turned into Veronica Mars (and that was the nightmare! hahahaha oh wait, no) and I took a picture of the mountian (we were in the mountains, with a lake and all...that's what I was driving through)...anyway, as I was taking the picture, all that showed up in the camera was me (Veronica Mars) and no background, just like...the grey and white grid you get in photoshop with a transparent know the grid...right? Anyway it wasn't me (Veronica Mars) it was a demon! I could tell by the red eyes. Not like demon red eyes...just camera red eye.

At this point I said to myself "this is the single stupidest nightmare I've ever had. I'm waking up!"

This is where the trouble begain.

I got myself half awake...then I was in an absolute dead panic. I could see the room, see the light from the window on the wall, but I couldn't move and I couldn't breathe. I could see this wispy shape standing next to the bed beside me whispering something I couldn't understand over me. And I was seriously half awake...I couldn't get myself the rest of the way awake until I managed it with a huge wrench and i was terrified and gasping for breath.

I haven't been so freaked out in...well I can't remember. I had a similliar instance earlier this summer. I haven't had nightmares since I was a kid. I don't like it at all. I'd like it more if I didn't believe in demons. Gah!

Anyway, otherwise life is good, I've got my muse back and I've halfway cleaned my house...did some laundry anyway.