Monday, October 16, 2006

Gah! Snow!

Snow, all day long. Melty snow. Little snow. But still.


A lady came into the pool today and said "at least it isn't snowing". She wasn't being sarcastic.

Sorry I'm such a bad blogger. I've been bad with all my internet stuff...dunno why. Anyway, many fun and amusing things have happened in the last couple weeks. Such as I turned 25 on the 4rth. Craig got me an Ipod:

And we had a nice dinner and some wine and whatnot.

Then last weekend I finally got out of my art slump and drew this:

Then this weekend my parents came up, on saturday we went to the zoo. Now, my favourite animals at the zoo are the Red Pandas. Sadly, every single time I go to the zoo they are sleeping or hiding, every single time. Not this time!

Ah! so cute, I could have watched them aaaaall day. But they wouldn't let me. grrrr. Hmmm...I'll post some more up later, must make dinner.