Tuesday, October 17, 2006


So here's another Zoo picture...It's my favourite pic from the Orchid room in the conservatory. I loooove orchids. Not as much as red pandas, but hey, they're not fuzzy.

You only get one zoo picture a day.

Oh right, the fishies.
My delightful parents got us an aquarium as a birthday present. Yay! We have three fish, they are Head and Taillight Tetras. We can get more fish in a month when they make the water all good and fishy friendly. They are named (of course they are named! They're little alive animals in my house. It's just rude not to name fish). Xingu, Paru, and Moju. A cookie for the person who guesses why. Not including my mother. Here are some pictures of my new friends:

It's not easy taking pictures of fish, by the way.