Thursday, October 26, 2006

*snort, sniffle, cough*

Oh head cold. There are good things and bad things about head colds. On the down have a head cold. But on the plus side, your day just kinda floats by in a dreamy hazy state. Of course, I am responsible for people's lives, so maybe that's a bad thing too.

Mom, I need more chicken noodle soup...I used the last jar yesterday. And today I am still sick and have no soup. Except Kimchee. So I had to order chinese for dinner.

I live in a windy city. It's not always windy, but it usually is. And today it was very very windy. I tell you this to set the scene for today's pool story.

There is a little old man who swims at the pool every day. His name is Joe. Joe is 95. Once Joe didn't come for a month and we got so scared that we started reading the obituaries. He wasn't dead, just a skin tear. This is how Joe swims laps: First he wanders to the middle of the pool...then he swims to the deep end. Then he swims back towards the shallow end until he hits the lane rope (Joe swims at a bit of an angle.) Then he grabs the lane rope, flounders in the water for a moment, then gets up and jogs to the shallow end. And repeat for 1/2 an hour. Joe still drives a car every day.

Every day Joe comes at 12:00. Every day. Today Joe came at 3:20. When cashier girl asked him why he was swimming at 3:20 he said that he did in fact show up at 12:00, however the windy was so strong that when he got halfway to the pool entrance he couldn't move forward anymore, so he had to go back to his car and come back later when the wind died down.

I don't know how he said all that because to me he just smiles and says "shu shu shu" as he breaths out.

It was however, a bit of a problem because there aren't any lane ropes to run into at 3:20 in the afternoon.

Here is todays zoo picture: