Monday, October 30, 2006


So it snowed aaaaaall day yesterday, great fun. Roads were nasty. I didn't care, I stayed inside all weekend. In my pajamas. I had a cold and there was no way I was leaving the house. On saturday Craig was off too and we spent much of the day watching movies. Shoppers Drug Mart has a ton of movies for $10 each, so I just keep coming home with them when I go there. I don't know how it happens, I swear they just jump into my bag. So we watched Bend it like Beckam, which Craig had always swore he would hate but of course he didn't. He thought it was an american movie, not a british one. Because apparently when I talk no noise comes out? And we watched the Neverending Story which I loooove and he had never seen. But of course he loved it. Because it's impossible not to.

Anyway, That's my life, pretty exciting. I also did some cooking, a wee bit of cleaning and worked today. My back is still/again sore. It's been like 3 weeks on and off so I'm gonna ask my doctor what she thinks when I go in for my nasty nasty appointment on thursday morning. Gah, how I hate it.

Also, I must finish Final Fantasy X by tomorrow of Craig won't buy me FFXII. Which comes out tomorrow. Whatever, he'll cave, I bet I get it tomorrow anyway, he just loves it when I want a video game because it's so rare. I like final fantasy though, it's kinda like watching a really long pretty movie, and you fight monsters while you watch it.

Um, yeah, here's a flower: