Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fairy Princess Lifeguard Hanna

I'm not as in love with Halloween as everyone else I know, but I do enjoy an excuse to wear fairy wings.

There is no point to having the pool open on Halloween, especially when it's freezing cold and icy out. Seriously, we had about 4 seniors all day...just wandering around the pool. And then almost no kids for lessons...but always at least one per class so you had to teach it still. One little psychotically hyper child who's been fed candy and a school party all day long. So they don't actually learn anything. Don't take you child to lessons on halloween! Let the poor instructor sit in the hot tub for a bit!

Well, I do have a lot of chocolate at least, only 9 children came to my house. One was a 4 year old dressed as a unicorn, that was the highlight. Sadly no children dressed as bugs. Nothing bets a preschooler dressed like a bug.

Also, here is another Eureka 7 fan art. This one is the title character (Eureka that is) for my buddy Lance, as it is his birthday. And he is in love with her. Happy Birthday Lance!