Sunday, November 05, 2006

Book Review: Disappearing Nightly by Laura Resnick

Genre:Light Modern Fantasy

The Back Cover:
“Struggling actress Esther Diamond should be happy to move from understudy to lead in the off-Broadway musical, Sorcerer!—except that her predecessor disappeared during the vanishing act and hasn’t been seen since. Even ambition isn’t enough to make Esther want to go the same route—especially when she learns that other stage assistants are vanishing all over New York City. It’s up Esther and assorted eccentrics that include a 350 year old sorcerer and a hunky police detective to find out if it’s magic or murder that is stopping the shows from going on."

Hanna Stars (out of a possible 5): * * * *

You will like this book if:
-You have a sense of humour, very amusing book.
-You want something quick and light to read that isn't too fluffy.

You will not like this book if:
-You're looking for a serious romance. Like all Luna books there is a romantic subplot, but it really is a subplot in this one.
-You are afraid of Drag Queens.