Sunday, November 05, 2006

Final Fantasy XII

Well I did get it before I finished FFX, but I did finish FFX before I started playing it. I started friday night and I've alread played 8.5 hours. Craig says he's very proud of me. I think it might be the cause of the stabbing-through-eye-headache that kept me up most of the night but I just can't stop, it's soooo pretty. Final Fantasy games are the only video games I like anymore, they're like really really long pretty movies.

Hmm, what else has been up...I had my yearly physical on Thursday. Yeah that hurt like the devil. Had cramps for a couple days....lovely. However it did give me a day of work which was nice. I went shopping for books and underwear and asian food. It's a sensible combination. I bought a bunch of frozen Dim Sum and had a fun dinner on Friday night with all my asian dishes and green tea and such, very yummy....mmmmm pork and leek dumplings....Also I found milk carmel spread which is something they eat in Chile on toast all the time, and I got very addicted to. It made Craig happy. And will make me fat most likely, I haaad to go and look at the calories per serving.

And that's my life.