Sunday, November 12, 2006

All I want for Christmas:

-A laptop (I live in a dream world :P)
-Books [My Chapters Wishlist]
-A Macro Lense for my Canon Rebel G
-A hand blender
-Fun low fat cook books with many pictures
-A bamboo steamer
-fun loose leaf tea and yummy hot chocolate
-A new terrycloth bathrobe, preferably with a hood...preferably red
-Pretty Beads
-Amusing Jewlery
-A flan pan
-Action figures or figurines of: Hinata from Naruto, Samurai champloo, Real from Ergo Proxy, Rinoa from FFIIX, Any girl from FFXII

I'm very excited about Christmas this year! I get to go home, and see aaaaall my family. I haven't seen my brother and sister-i-l for a year and a half, which is faaar too long.