Thursday, November 23, 2006


oh my life is stressin me out.

I approved the proofs of my postcards, then went to buy my domain name ( I was gonna buy it the night before, but I was too lazy to find my credit card).

Someone bought it.


Someone bought yesterday

how is this possible! Who is this person and why do they have my name!?! I googled my name to see what came up. Me! That's all....I don't think there's another Hanna Sandvig out was bought by Maltuzi Holdings in California.

Maltuzi Holdings

My new nemesis! Then I bought Then I realized I have to upgrade my hosting account before I can use it. And of course, I have to change my postcards before they get I already approved them.

Work is still stressy (I got to hang out at work for 14 hours yesterday, yay me!) and it snowed today.

My plan for the evening is to ignore the world and play's not like I can help anything right now anyway. Perhaps a bath...yeeees a bath will be nice.