Tuesday, November 21, 2006


So I just emailed my postcards to the printers...and realized that due to the fact that it's an american company, they're closed for the 23 and 24....yeah, I really hope these postcards get where they're going before christmas!

Had a bit of a panic today when the police called at 8 in the morning looking for my husband! Turns out our car was stalled on a major road and blocking a lane of traffic. No one in the car.


Anyway, I was all like "I don't want to buy a new car! please God, not a new car!" Because our car is crap, but I am finally going to be able to pay off my student debt....which I want done much more than I want a new car. Turns out it was just the battery! Hooray!

Ack, work is making me stressy and cranky. But we'll be shut down in 2 weeks for 2.5 weeks, during which time I will be painting bunny murals (not my first choice of artistic expression but meh, you take what you get) and NOT teaching snot nosed kids how to swim. And mostly listening to my ipod and NOT my depressed cranky coworkers. And then it's a week off for Christmas! I will survive!

On a side note, you remember Joe, our 95 year old lane swimmer who can't come in strong winds? The other day I noticed something about him. Joe doesn't breath. He'll swim half a length without even blowing bubbles. And he's not a fast swimmer, that's at least a length for a normal person. We figure he must just breath really slowly all the time?

I need a nap. Oh wait, it's 10:37...I guess that's called sleeping not a nap.