Thursday, December 28, 2006

My-Tea Mouse!!

We're back, I had a wonderful time and I am not oh so stocked to be back to work tomorrow, but it's only for one day and then I get a long weekend. So I shall survive.

I have about a million pictures, and I don't want to bombard you with all of them, so today I will just introduce you to the mice. You see, my grandmother hates mice. Hates them. In a related story, when my dad was a kid he brought a mouse into the house. My gramma said "Get Rid Of That THING!" So he put it on the floor a stepped on it.


Anyway, when I was four or five I thought it would be hilarious to draw a mouse on my gramma's christmas card. I think I thought she would be scared of the card? It was a great preschooler joke anyway, I thought it was hilarious. So did she. And now I've somehow ended up giving her a mouse for christmas every year. For twenty years. That's a lot of mice. Luckily I am a gypsy princess who can do anything and I had a fantastic idea this year. I bought loose leaf tea in little silver bags...and made the bags into mice.

And then the mice somehow got loose and attacked George!

And this is Jen(my S-in-L) and I, being crafty.