Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Our radio station at work plays that new Gwen Steffani song 5 times a day. Not an exageration, Cashier Girl and I counted yesterday. I'm generally rather amused by Gwen's songs but this song is soooooooo annoying. So. Annoying. It's on right now. Make it stop! Yes I am at work, don't tell!

Sunday night I took a sleeping pill and then set my alarm. I was thinking of setting it for 7:45 but then thought that as I was teaching aquafit and therefore didn't need a shower, I could sleep in a bit. So I set it for quarter after. Monday morning I woke up, checked my computer stuff, got dressed had breaky and headed for work. I was halfway there when I stopped. As I stood there in the freezing blowing snow I realized that it was 7:45 in the morning. I set my alarm for 7:15 not 8:15 and I was an hour early for work! Who does that?! So I went to work anyway and slept in the first aid room for an hour. I didn't want to walk home and then walk back again, it was too nasty out. Good fun that.

The moral of today's story? Set your alarm before you take the sleeping pill!

I also very very excited in my own little nerdy way because the new Naruto series starts on Thursday. That would be anime for you non nerdy types. And it will be soooo wonderful and I have been waiting for months and months. Oh happiness.

Also, Grey's Anatomy last week...what was with that!?