Thursday, February 15, 2007


So yesterday was Valentines. I'm not the kind of girl who's all gushy and lovey and valentinessy but you know, I like a good holiday. Gives you something to do and breaks up the routine of....winter. So I bought yummy cupcakes at the bakery on the way to work...they had big dollops of icing on top and cheesy plastic hearts and stuff stuck in them. Good times. Then I decided to make all my co-workers valentines (all....3 of them!) featuring my amaaaazing poetic skills. I printed the poems off on pink paper, cut the paper into hearts and then taped them to a bigger heart of white paper which I them hole punched and scalloped to look like lace. They were the best made out of office supplies valentines ever, if I may say so myself. I know you are dying to hear my poems so I shall relate them to you:

Arrrr Matey
I love Katy
(because she's greaty)

I love Shauna
She makes me wanna
Hug a kitten
I am so smitten

and my personal favourite:

Lance Lance
Man of Romance
Likes to Dance
and sometimes Prance
But he is Goofy
Cause his hair is Poofy!

Then Lance went and wet down his hair.

Also one of my kids I teach who is sooooo cute gave me a valentine and a little bag of homemade cookies, they were tiny heartshaped sugar cookies sandwiched together with pink icing. I have a feeling that her mom had something to do with it...thanks Katrina!

When I got home I convinced Craig that we were going out for dinner. He agreed and then we watched Princess Mononoke while I worked on Mom's painting. Then halfway through he decided he was too tired! From playing World of Warcraft all day? I mean he did get to level 69, but still. But then after the movie I was very much suprised to find that he had gone downtown and bought me a present! Yay for presents! And it was jewelery! Yay for jewelery! It's a necklace I was eyeing when we got our new wedding bands. It's a chocker length thin silver wire that's twisted in kind of a loose coil with pearls strung every inch or so. It's sooooo pretty. And my first pearl necklace. And my first jewelery from Craig every (expect my engagement ring of course). So we had mozza sticks and fruit shakes for supper. And the mozza sticks leaked out everywhere so it was more like empty crusty shells swimming in a pool of mozza. But what can you do?

Hey, post a comment and I'll immortalize you in poetry in my next post!