Saturday, February 17, 2007

Craig's B-day

So I forgot to post about my darling Craig's 25 birthday last Saturday. We woke up to beautiful thick hoar-frost which of course led Craig to say "Look I got whores for my birthday!" Precious.

Anyway, he had to work so I dropped him off and then went to do some last minute b-day shopping. I had already bought him a couple things but I wanted to get him the movie Princess Mononoke and I hadn't been able to find it yet. Anyway, here's some pics I took downtown. It was just magically pretty, I love it.

Also, I cooked mussels for the first time ever, as that was his birthday wish. They were sooooo good! Here's what I did:
I sauted two minced shallots and two cloves of garlic in butter until they looked yummy, then I added 1 cup of white wine and 2 pounds of fresh live mussels (we can get them at superstore here!) then I put the lid on and steamed them until they all opened. Just before serving I added about 1/2 a cup of fresh torn basil. We ate it with fresh parm breadsticks and asparagus with goat cheese. And naturally more wine :P. I also make a cake I made up with an oreo crust, a layer of dark chocolate mousse, and a layer of blueberry mousse. Sooooo good! I love food. Foody foody food.