Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hair Day!

Huzzah, I have had a hair cut/dye fiiiinally! No 25 year old should have as much grey as I do, it's frightening! Well, better than premature wrinkles anyway. As I bought three new kinds of yummy yummy loose leaf tea. Monk's blend, which is a black tea with vanilla and something...and Angel Falls, a yummy fruity tea (the one I got you, Jen) and a Roibois chai for craig. Mmmmmmm tea.

Also, thanks for the arty ideas/suggestions. The idea of doing saints is a fun one that I will file away for when I'm feeling more ambitious and I think I will just do a little series and try and do Faith, Hope, and Love. I've got some ideas, and it won't be nearly as pastel and nice as you might expect.