Monday, February 19, 2007

Where the Map Ends

So the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour is not doing a book this month, but a webpage! So much less effort for me. Um, and I didn't have to wait for a book so, all in all, good times.

This is Jeff Gerke's baby. His idea seems to be to make a resource for both fans and writers of christian speculative fiction (I hate that term by the way...seriously...ooooh I so want to go read some speculative fiction, it's my favourite!)

For the readers:
He has a very comprehensive list of books as well as some author interviews. Also in his special features section he has some short stories by christian authors.

For the writers:

For those who write he has some helpful (well they look helpful, it's not like I've tried them out) tools as well as some interesting articles about the industry.

For the artists/art lover:
He has a few links to some christian fantasy artists...okay so only two. And a link to a bity forum. I was honestly a bit disapointed, I'd love to get to know more christian artists but I can't find them! Where are you all hiding? I feel so alooooone!

Okay so overall I give it full points for enthusiasm and 3/4 points for content. For design.....well full points for effort. The colours work and there's obvisiously a feel to the site which is great. But some tweaking could definitaly improve the navigation and ease of reading. Also that sign up bar is too big. I wasn't going to say anything but seriously, it's driving me crazy because it breaks the frame. Okay I'll stop. Mr. Gerke, if you would like some impartial advice on how to take your site design from decent to excellent, I'll email you. And if you want some help on setting up a forum, I'm all over that too. Seriously, email me, I think you have a great vision here.

Um.....I'll try and think of more to post tomorrow.

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