Thursday, March 22, 2007

Double Vision by Randy Ingermanson Day 4 (or 2 in my world)

Okay, so I did enjoy this book, which is ironic as I didn't ask for it in time, so I had to take it out from the library and don't get to keep it. My mother likes to taunt me with her copy "mine is siiigned".

Anyway, I have three reasons why I was suprised to like this book.

1) I whine about this a lot, so I'll keep it short, but it's always nice to read a christian novel where the story is more important the "the message". You know, an actual plot line, with interesting characters... Anyway, yes, good plot, interesting characters and whatnot.

2) An actual man wrote a book with some actual romance in it. Now I do think it's pushing is a bit to call it a romantic suspense, but still, A for effort. Most men don't seem to see the point in ruining they're really cool books with emotions and whatnot. I would have had him pick the other girl, but I still enjoyed it.

3) The book was about quantum physics and wasn't boring. He even explained some of the quantum physics, still not boring. Excellent work.

So all in all good book. Would I call it Speculative Fiction (should I start calling anything speculative fiction)? Nope. Really not so much at all. Still, I'm glad it was included in the CSFF blog tour, because it got me to read it.

Sorry if this review made no sense, sleep and I have not been getting along lately.