Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Five

Well...this week was all fine and good until 1:00 today. I swear to you, God tries to help me enjoy my weekend to the fullest by giving me the nastiest friday's ever. Can you say "Health Inspector"?

Never mind, just look at the soothing links.

1) Stickers by Kapitza - these are so cute and you can put them on your walls, they peel right off so great for rentals.

2)Um, okay so this is a towel holder...the towel goes in the bum. Strange? Very strange. By Drinkstuff

3) Look look, guess what this trendy little house used to be? Garbage truck. Seriously, check it out

4) Calirezo - Amazing digital portrait artist

5) Urban Gnomes at Bouf. I want one for my nonexistent garden!