Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Monday!

Well today was a Monday, no getting around it. Mondays are always my busiest days as I teach Aquafit and two hours of lessons. Plus getting caught up on cleaning and paperwork. And you know...guarding the pool. But today was special.

This afternoon Lance was guarding when on of our special needs patrons went unconcious in the pool. He had trouble swimming and then just fainted I guess. So Lance pulled him out, unconcious and not breathing as far as he could tell...I got to use the oxygen tank and the ambulance came and the whole nine yards. The guy was awake and talking by the time they left, so that should all be good. Ambulance came in about....2 minutes from us calling which was really great. All hail Hero Lance!

Then, not an hour later another adult special needs patron was in the hot tub when I noticed a yellowy brown.....puddle? Then I saw it was all up his back. Eeeeeew. So the diaper just wasn't enough today. Then we got to empty the pool and scrub it and refill it. And by "we" I don't actually mean me.

Yeah a lot of paperwork today. Didn't get my planned paperwork anywhere near done.

Oooooh monday.