Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Five

Gah, this week was a doozy. Many screaming children, many bloody noses, vomit and all the other things that make life worthwile. Also, Cashier Girl and I went outside to wash windows and the door we went out of hasn't been used since last summer. Yeah it was rusted and stuck open! Open. Why? Our boss had to remove the whole lever thing. Also, I fell through a loose grate and got a bloody foot. Hooray for work! Here's five things that cheered me up:

1) Ceramics made to look like bulbs by Meesters & Van der Park:

2) Self stirring know, in case you have no spoons? By Hammacher Schlemmer

3) Living Glass They make these sheets of clear resin with...whatever you want in them. Very cool design element.

4) Come in/Go Away doormat....ooooh, it's an Ambigram, get it?:

5) Okay this is kinda hideous, but it filled the friday five requirement by making me laugh and thus cheering me up. Teddy Bear Chair by Moss:

Hey, I changed my links colour, and it fixed my layout. Go figure. Don't forget to turn your clocks forward this weekend! Except mom and gramma, who don't believe in that kind of thing.