Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sleep is for wusses

So I stayed up until 3 last night remaking my webpage. Well, 3 is actually 2 to my brain, but still, it's been a while since I did that. I redid the whole page. I kind of hated the old layout about five minutes after I made it. Unfortunatley then I didn't get to sleep until quarter to six. Not so much fun! Needless to say I didn't quite make church this's 1:08 now and I'm still feeling woozy.

Anyway, check out the new layout and let me know what you think. Craig likes it, he says it's more "techy" and techy is always good to him :P. I think it's a bit more professional looking, I wanted to get it looking really good because I'm planning on doing some emailing to art reps and any art directors that accept emails. Soon. Maybe I'll do some today.

Edit: I should mention that I had a couple things i was trying to achieve with the design.
1) I was trying to move away from pop-ups, even though I use a pretty good code, some browsers still block them, which is annoying. Also, some people just don't like them.
2) I was trying to avoid having any scrolling anywhere. It's just easier and cleaner, that's why I went for the smaller images with detail shots, as opposed to huge pictures (also cuts down on theft).
3) I wanted to get straight to the gallery. They say that people are lazy so the fewer clicks the better. I always want to do splash pages and whatnot because it's just fun design. But this is a professional page, so less is more.

To do this, I ended up doing kind of chunky coding, with double frames and tables, but I did try to keep it pretty clean, so hopefully it'll still load decently. It loads pretty fast on my computer.

Ha, I had a shower and my brain woke up.

Also, Craig has informed me that he really wants the self stirring mug from my last post. *shakes head*