Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blog Tour: Return of the Guardian King by Karen Hancock

So as promised, here is my review of The Light of Eidon. Yes yes, I know that's not the book we're blog touring about, but I can't read a whole series in a week. Okay well sometimes I can, but not this week. So here is book one:

First of, a word about cover art. These books are really well done, very pretty. Regardless, it's possible that I won't be able to convince Craig to read them as he says they are too girly looking. So maybe too pretty can be a bad thing? Because the book is not a girly book in my opinion.

I really enjoyed this book. More than I thought I would. Why? Because I am cynical when it comes to Christian Fiction as I find most of it to be borish and preachyish. The Light of Eidon is however, great fun. It's a little reminisciant of Gladiator, but with magic. The characters are excellent, although I wanted to slap Abramm for being such a pansy for the first third of the book (seriously, he's such a pansy!), but that's just to give his character lots of room to grow. I enjoyed how the characters developed and worked through issues, I'm a very character influenced reader so you have to have more than a good plot to keep me going. A bit of romance too although I unfortunatly spoiled about 3 chapters by accidently reading a sentance while trying to find my place. I guess that's why they make bookmarks.

Anyway, read the book, it's a gooder. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series until I finally reach Return of the Guardian King, which I'm sure is a lovely book as well.