Saturday, April 21, 2007

Friday Five (late again)

So I was about to post last night when my mom called to let me know that my Gramma had a stroke and is likely to stroke again soon. We probably won't have her with us for that much longer. I'm torn, I still haven't decided if I should go visit this week or between that and Steven still being sedated and intubated in Calgary...and you know the snow aaaaall month and people quitting all over at work and whatnot...I needed a bit of cheering up. So here's five fun things I found.

1) Tango Floor Stickers by Design 3000. So cute, and they peel off with no damage to the floor.

2)Obelisk Chairs. $8,900. Who spends that on wicker chairs? I don't care how fun these are that's just insane.

3)MiniHome. This is so cool, watch the clip. I would live in one of these anyday, although I can't see how they do it with kids, seems like kids would want an actual bedroom.

4)Moo Cards. They print your photo on the front and then text on the back. I might get some as art promo, they're pretty cheap and pretty fun!

5)Marimekko Memory Cards. You remember the game memory? (I was a champ by the way) Now it's pretty! Done by a textiles designer.