Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday Five

So good times at Kait's house so far. We went out for very yummy food last night and I will post pictures....later. For now here's five amusing things.

1)Eco Coffin! No more do you have to be buried in a stiffling expensive varnishy wooden casket. Cardboard boxes! I want to be buried in one. No I am not kidding. Please ensure that my wishes are carried out.

2)Book of Lights: Open the book and a popup light turns on :)

3)Bholu Some very cute (and red!) pillows and plushies and other textile related items. The elephant plushie is my favourite.

4)Blossom lights by Rockett St George. So pretty, I would love to have these.

5)The Liftmatic Oven by Gaggenau
The bottom lowers, and you put the dish in, then it goes up up up into the oven! Hooray!