Thursday, April 05, 2007

So it's winter?

Yep, snowed yesterday too. Today it is not snowing, but there is still snow sitting about and looking smug. grrrrr.

It was the power supply, luckily we have good nerdy friends with things like power supplies sitting around (Thanks Karl!). So I bought Craig some cinnamon buns and he forgave me for killing the computer and he bought me some Bailey's and I forgave him for being a jerk and after a bubble bath all is well.

Going to visit Kait tomorrow, yay! Going up to Calgary first to stay the night with friends there and then off to Edmonton tomorrow. Craig has today off as well and I'm frankly a little jealous.

I haven't painted in 3 days and have no hope of doing so for 4 more. I'm feeling a little twitchy but what can you do? I'll prolly post sometime this weekend though, I hear that Kait has internet :P.