Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Why Hanna? why would you do that?

Yeah so last night my internet wasn't working (it's been testy lately) and I tried to unplug the box but accidently unplugged my tower instead.

And now it won't turn on.

And Craig was sooooo mad at me! And I can't even make it better because my nerdiness is strictly a software nerdiness, I'm not a hardware girl.

Yeah I either shorted out the power supply or the motherboard! Yay me.

Poor little computer...no art for me...no nothing. Just internet at work if I stay after my shift.

And Craig just keeps saying "why Hanna? Why would you do that? Why?"


There is no emoticon to properly express my current feelings.

And it just keeps snowing and snowing. And snowing. It's April! Three days of snow? Seriously!

If you need me, apparently you will have to call.