Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday Five

Because I didn't get to it on friday and it made Amanda sad.

Okay quick life update first:
-Craig got into school! Yaaaay! So we get to move to BC! Yaaaaay!
-work is fine, a bit stressy but I'm focusing on having a good attitude so....yeah.
-I have been drawing toooons, can't stop drawing. Don't have time to do anything but draw. Thus my house is a disaaaster.
-I just finished reading New Moon by Stephanie Meyer and I'm trying to decide if I should just reread it again right now. Today. Because I miss it already.
-It's snowing. I guess that's a big April Fools from God?

1) Lotus Chair/mat it can be gathered into a "bud" or lie flat like a flower, how cute!

2)Haha, it's a vacuum/lamp for those of you who forget to put it away?

3)Okay, so this is wall climbing for city people? Found at Gold Digger

4)crocheted egg/chicks! by Mahar Drygoods

5)Such pretty little pear shaped vases by Viraterra