Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday 10!

I have internet! And a phone! It's simply magical. And in celebration I have a friday 10 for you, partly because I was so sad to have missed last week...and the week before? I don't remember, but I'm back.

1)Tree Bookcase by Casaidea

2)Topoware Dinnerware made like topomaps. I cannot express how cool I find this. please buy me topoware for my birthday!

3)Cool Kids Funiture look how cute!

4)Wooden Place Mats by Sarah Finn

5)David Wiseman, this guy is so cool, love this stuff

6)Soapylove. I dunno, I'd be afraid I'd try and eat it!

7)Monkeycake! Oh Martha, what can't you do?

8)Keyboard Waffles! So delightfully nerdy.

9)Look look, the bench is a hedge! Aw, I'd totally kill that

10)It's a cake! Eeeeew.