Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gah! *flails*

So we've had crappy internet service for about a month. It just up and quits for an hour or so every now and then. Then last week it decide to reverse that and now it only comes on every now and then. And then yesterday the phone line went dead. Yep, if you call our house it will ring and ring and then go to voice mail, but we can't here it. No dial tone. No nothing. The messages are still stored and I can check them at work. So, sorry Kait, I was home when you called...and I did want to talk, and Yes Matthew, you can use me as a refernce for your long as they don't need to call me in the next couple days.

The service guys are coming tomorrow (the phone guys...the internet guys can't come till saturday...they were sposed to come on monday but...that's a whole nother story). But they need access to the I need to track down my landlady...without a phone. Her number is unlisted.

Suggestions anyone? Not that I can read them until tomorrow....