Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A conversation with William

William is a regular at the pool, he's a bachelor in his 70s. This conversation takes place after a lengthly debate on the topic of "what was the name of your church's previous caretaker whom I met at Tim Hortons this morning?". It was a bit of a one sided debate as I don't even know who the current caretaker is!

William: I have a cousin who lives up in Calgary and you'll never believe what he told me!

Me: hmm?

William: It's just the craziest thing!

Me: hmm?

William takes a moment to shake his head in bemusement at the general craziness of the world.

Me: hmm?

William: So my cousin, he was shopping out at that Chinook Shopping Place. And he went to the bathroom.

William: And you'll never believe what they have in the bathrooms there!

Me: hmm?

William: They have TV screens! Right there in the bathroom! Right above the stalls!

Me: uh huh?

William takes a moment to shake his head again and chuckle to himself.

William: I have never in my life heard of such a ridiculous thing! Never in my life!

William: You know what's going to happen!

Me: hmm?

William: They're going to get smashed! Guys will just walk right up to them and...

William makes a punching motion accomponied with a "pow!"

Me: hmm?! (no really, I'm lost by this point)

William: And I won't blame em! No siree!

William: They could have cameras behind those things!

Me: That's illegal you know.

William: Ah! But if they'll go this far...