Saturday, June 16, 2007

Friday Five

So I didn't post last night as I was too busy running about looking for new bathing suits. Just works suits, nothing too exciting. I did find two 100% polyester ones I liked at sportcheck and they were buy one get one half off, so success! To any of you who swim out there I can't stress enough the wonders of polyester swim suits. A spandex suit will last me...maybe a week before it starts to go (this is at 10 or so hours a week in the pool). A polyester one will last six months to a year. No joke, they're almost indestructible. I also dropped off my film from our adventure last week at Writing on Stone, I'll pick the pics up today and post them for you later!

Then we curled up on the couch and ate soup and bagels and watched The Fountain. Very cool movie, if you like the dreamy/philosophical kind, which I do. Excellent acting and the effects were kind of incredible. We found out why when we watched the "making of" feature. Almost no CG used. Even for all the weird space nebulas and whatnot. Apparently they took macro shots of chemical reactions in petri dishes and then overlayed them on each other. So beautiful.

Anyway, Friday Five:

1)As if...fantasy was reality by Malin Lundmark. I love the little flower hooks, and the lamp that's also a necklace holder!

2)Fun ceramics by Jonathon Alder Here's a turtle box and an elephant bank!

3)Anna Maria Horner. Her site is lovely, and I've also started stalking her blog in my blogroll. She is an illustrator and textile designer. Also there seems to be some plates!

4)Ball String Lights. They are a set of 20 lights in a row that look like balls of string. Hmmm...might be too much fun for kitties.

5)Beanock! The beanbag hammock. Mmmm, I would love to curl up and read in that, you'd never get me out!