Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Five

Today was...well a Friday. I was sad because it was my last day working with my good friend Lance. :( Then I was cranky because I offered to help my supervisor with some really easy things while she was taking the day off today...and she took them home to do herself. Lack of trust much? I have given up on feeling bad about how stressed she is. And then at the end of the day a baby...well lets just say the swim diaper isn't a foolproof invention. Happy Friday.

On the plus side Chapters is having a buy three get one free sale on MMPB's...and Starbucks has a very yummy shaken blueberry white tea lemonade...and I had a lovely evening with Am. So all is okay in the end.

1)Nobody and Co. Look at these amusing bookcases. Luckily you can never have too many bookcases...I'm running out of room again :(. Also they have pudding molds shaped like Buddah. Um, I don't know what occasion calls for a Buddah pudding.

2)Flymo makes a hovering lawn mower. No joke.

3) Josephine Lamp, by Julih32 on Etsy.

4)It's a smoke alarm! Wonder if it chirps. If is sounds like the stupid magpies that keep fighting under my window at 4am it should wake you up no problem!

5)Vortex hand cranked blender. Perfect for camping they say. After all, how can you go camping without a blender?