Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blog Tour: Fearless, Day Two

So the topic of tonight's conversation: What makes Christian fiction Christian? If you've read Fearless and/or Relentless you'll know why I'm bringing this up; nowhere in this series so far have we had even a mention of God or...well anything religious at all really. But it's published by a Christian Publisher and sitting about in Christian bookstores. So...what makes it a Christian book?

Now, I of course have a rather strange view on the world...being an artist and all. Defining Christian art is almost impossible (but people like to try! Angels? Throw a bible verse on it somewhere? Jesus?). Christian music is a little easier, as it has words, but even there we get bands that are so poetic or vague that the lyrics can be taken in a secular manner. Most Christian literature is so black and white on this issue that I've never really given it that much thought but I believe that the same ideas apply. Art is art is art, no matter what the art form.

My opinion: What makes Christian art/music/literature Christian is not the words, not the lyrics, not the painting of the little Amish girl and her kitten. It's the intent. I truly believe that if someone is creating with the intent to glorify God, and that they are deliberately and prayerfully seeking to accomplish His will with their work, then it is Christian. And God will use it.

Thus I believe that if I can draw something that makes someone smile, God has used me to touch others in the way that I do best. Even without the bible verse across it. On a lesser scale that means that I believe God works through everyone who creates, whether they like it or not, we're made in his image and what we make still carries the echoes. But it's intent that makes it powerful.

And really? I'll have to read the rest of the series to see what Robin Parrish's intent is, and I've very interested to find out!


Stay tuned for tomorrows discussion on why I don't like the cover design as much as the rest of you :P