Monday, July 23, 2007


So my monitor is getting darker and darker...something of a problem...I mean I could swap it with my secondary monitor but that one has an anti-glare coating which is sooo annoying. Bad timing for me as we will shortly be broke with Craig going back to school and all. Soooo, I'm hoping you guys can help me out by commissioning me! hmmm? please?

$40. Paypal. And I'll do either a realistic portrait:

Or a full body simple background illustration:

I'll even chuck in a pet if you want. That's pretty cheap considering the time I put into it, and I will make it good!

The images will be 8x10, and I'll send you the 300dpi file so you can print it. For an additional $5, I'll print it and mail it to you signed. I can draw guys by the way :p

Comment here with your email or email me at hannasandvig(at) if you're interested!