Monday, July 23, 2007

Blog Tour: Fearless, Day One

Fearless is the second book in The Dominion Trilogy by Robin Parrish. Relentless is the first which I have not read but my Mom did, so check over there if you're curious. While it probably would have helped to read the first book, I had no trouble picking up and following along in book two.

The premise of Fearless is that certain individuals (the Loci) have been given rings that give them various superpowerish abilities. Grant Barrows is the strongest and that's no coincidence. A group of people known as the Secretum of Six believe he is the Prophesied "Bringer" but he's not sure what exactly he's supposed to be bringing and he's not overly interested in following their plans to find out. Oh, and the rings? They don't come off.

I enjoyed the book, it was interesting and fast paced. The characters were interesting and had some depth. It wasn't unputdownable but I did finish it off in under a week. And I'm definitely going to read the first book and keep my eyes peeled for the third!

So tomorrow I will be discussing what makes Christian Literature...Christian. And then on Wednesday I will be giving you my thoughts on the cover design. Because really, I just have to!

In the meantime, check out Robin's blog: Here

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