Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm sticking to my chair :(

So yesterday Craig and I both had the day off, a rare and wonderous event. Craig decided that in celebration we should go see both Ratatouille and Harry Potter as we've wanted to see them both for a little while.

So first we went to Yo-yo's for lunch. Yo-yo's is my all-time favourite place to have lunch, they have crepes, paninis and gelato. We each had a spinach feta crepe with mango vinagrette. I love it, they make the crepes right there, so yummy. Craig had Dulce la Leche gelato (naturally as it's a south american flavour) and I had hedgehog. Mmmmm I'm going to miss Yo-yo's a lot. More than some of my friends (if you're reading this you know I don't mean you!)

Then we went to Ratatouille. As it was a matinee it was of course filled with a lot of little kids. It was pretty funny because before the movie, Pixar always does a little animated short movie. This one was about an alien abduction and starts with a big bright light and a loud noise. A little girl across from us (maybe 2 or 3) yelled "I scared!". Soo cute. The movie was excellent, great animation and a wonderful style. It honestly felt french to me. Other than that french rats apparently have no accent, only people. ? It wasn't as funny as other Pixar movies, a little more heartwarming. Usually I hate heartwarming kids movies, but I have to admit, my heart was warmed. Also the end credits are fantastic, possibly my favourite part.

Then we came home, lazed about and ate curry vermicelli salad. I only make salads these days. It's been over 30 every day for over two weeks and the BBQ is broken. I can't bring myself to cook and Craig can't bring himself to spend money on a new BBQ so salads it is. And the occasional sandwich. Actually it's been great, lots of fun. Today I am making bulgar carrot salad and I am quite excited to eat it.

Then we went to Harry Potter. It was soooo loud. It made me want to cry a bit it was so loud. Otherwise excellent movie. They did quite a good job of the climax I thought. Of course it wasn't as good as the book, but honestly, that's why people should read. My only beef was that I thought they were a bit harsh to Cho Chang, and she didn't get much of a role. Also when Harry was packing up to go home at the end another little girl (or maybe the same one?) said loudly "where is Harry Potter going Mommy, where?"

She was too young for that movie in my opinion.

That was yesterday. Exciting hmmm?