Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lotus Brick Quilt

Ahahaha, I quilted! This is my first quilt ever. And my first sewing project in years. My mother always tries to get me to sew and I was having none of it so she eventually gave up on me. Somewhat. She still tortured me by making me hem my own dress pants (and then I shrunk them! gah, so much pain for nothing). So when I told her that I thought I wanted to start sewing she said "I'm glad I'm already sitting down!" Actually first she said "hahahahaha!"


But I did it! Self high five! It's the Lotus Brick quilt pattern by the amazing Amy Butler (who inspired me, along with Heather Bailey and Anna Marie Horner by showing me that fabric can be oh so cute!).

This quilt would not have been possible without the time, expertise, sewing machine and endless patience of Amethyst. We love you Am!

Oh, I somehow forgot to mention that the quilt is for Kait's (and Rob) baby girl. Who will born soon. Hopefully very soon for Kait's sake :P