Saturday, July 07, 2007

Home sweet Home

Well, it was stupidly hot the whole time we were away, and I got a delightful burn on my window-side arm, but we were successful! We are quite happy as we were able to find a place to rent that was very cheap but still the nicest place we looked at. It's a two bedroom townhouse and happily is across the street from the library and only about a block and a half from a used bookstore. How's that for a location :P.

Here's what it looks like now (just imagine it full of my cute things...) Any suggestions on how to work with pale pink countertops?

On the downside we didn't get to see my Gramma, we drove all the way over to Nelson (about a half hour away from Castlegar, where we're moving) just to find that she had been sent to Trail for a CT scan just 45 minutes before we arrived. A bit of a bummer, also I've had a nasty headache since yesterday afternoon. I took some expired tylenol 3 I found in the cupboard as that was the only drugs I had in the house...that took the edge off but I still feel it lurking about.