Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Life life life

In point form due to my own laziness:

-Barb, I killed your painting. That's right, don't try and do a gold leaf design on an oil painting in the summer. The paint was too warm and as a result the gold leaf stuck to a whole lot of paint instead of just the design. I look at it and it makes me angry. Totally unsalvagable.

-I bought a large box of Golden Grahams because they were on sale (5.00!). And now I eat them two or three times a day. This is the result of my childhood where we would only get Golden Grahams every few months (we were a healthy breakfast family) and so my brother and I would eat them in about two days because you had to eat fast before everyone else ate them all! Um, yeah, we loved our Golden Grahams.

-We are going to BC tomorrow to look for a place, so wish us luck. I need to remember to call a couple more places to set up times...

-This weekend Mike the Ghost decided to listen to the radio loudly from 6-7:30 both days. This made me Crazy because I can't sleep through radio noise at all, comes from having a radio alarm most of my life. Also kinda freaked me out the first day because I couldn't figure out where the music was coming from. Well it actually may have been the landlord, as I saw him painting trim at one point and there's still no furniture apart from a bed on the floor down there (so I peek in windows, don't judge me!). Well at least I had a nice two hour nap on Sunday. Mmmm naps.