Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Whirlwind Exisistence

Well firstly the most exciting thing. My illustration Koi got made a Daily Deviation on Deviantart. For those of you who are not art nerds, this means that for 24 hours my image popped up with a little blurb in the sidebar while people surfed about the site (not just mine, different medias all have DD's that circulate). Deviantart is the biggest art community in the world so that's a whole heck of a lot of exposure. For instance, I usually average about 30 pageviews a day to my gallery there and in the past day and a half I've gotten 2500. And over 800 messages. I can't reply to them all but I'm trying to reply to lots...it's a little overwhelming. Anyway, the moral of the story is that Hanna just got a whole lot more popular...ten points for me!

Also, I made another new friend yesterday. It's been pretty hot, so we've been keeping all the windows and the patio door open every evening (we've also been sleeping in the living room as it's a leeeetle bit cooler). So while I was trying to reply to as many messages as I could last night, Craig called me into the living room to meet this little guy:

Yes there was a Starling in our living room. Friend to the animals, that's us. So we got it into the kitchen and tried to send it out the door but instead it tried the window. We have the kind of windows where the bottom cranks open and the window pushes out. So the little starling flew straight into the window with a loud *thwack* and then fell down two stories to hit the cement below. Don't worry, he's fine. Maybe down a couple braincells but really, I don't think he was a mensa to start with.

So tonight was Date Night. Well it was sposed to be tomorrow but we're kinda low on food so tonight was the night. We went to Moxies and I had the halibut burger and Craig had the calamari salad. Both were wonderful. My burger had an inch thick breaded halibut steak on it. Soooo yummy. Then we watched Transformers, which was excellent. Wonderful effects, I think the people who made Spiderman should have to watch it to see what a mostly CG movie can look like. Only then they might cry a little on the inside. Go see it. The man beside me was so delighted by the movie that he could hardly sit still. Pretty funny.