Friday, July 20, 2007

A week in my life...continued

Oh life.


So Wednesday morning was all well and good. Oh wait, Wednesday morning was when we learned that the heat had still been on since winter! The worst heat wave of the year in the muggiest building ever...and the heat was one. No wonder I was soaked with sweat every day!

Gah, then we had a fecal incident (of course). Baby managed to smear aaaall over the floaty baby seat. So mommy brought it all over to show us. Because we wouldn't have believed her otherwise... Yeah so then I got to disinfect the seat, the entire section of deck she dripped across, and go fishing for brown squishy treasures with the mat. As I was putting the hose back away it tapped against the wall and half a tile broke off and fell to the ground. Of course.

Then instructor #1 (the one who swears all the time) lost her cell phone. Her $400 (or $ varied) cell phone went missing. She alternated between yelling at us for stealing it and crying hysterically. She had me go through my purse with her watching. Way to win friends. She was very upset with us for not being more sympathetic. Then instructor #2 came in with fever shakes. She was freezing but burning up, awesome. She couldn't find coverage until after her lessons so she just sat on the edge shaking while she taught. Then instructor #3 complained that she was woozy and nauseous. I blame the fact that the heat was on!

Wednesday was a fun day.

Thursday afternoon I saw a fully clothed mother watching her little boy clutch a pool noodle in water over his head. Naturally I was curious.

Me: old is he?
Mom: Five.
Me: You really should be in the water with him.
Mom: Hmmm...yeah he doesn't swim very well even with the life jacket, and I forgot it at home.
Me: You really should be in the water with him!
Mom: Well I can't you see.
Me: ?
Mom whispers: It's that time of the month! You understand.
Me: Actually I swim all the time.
Mom: Really?

No. No I just stand on the edge and yell "Sorry, can't rescue you! It's that time of the month!"


Today was pretty good actually. Turns out the heat was indeed on and now it's much nicer! Time for my Friday Five!