Saturday, August 11, 2007

Friday Five *Yawn*

Man, I woke up when Craig did at 6 and I just can't get back to sleep. Maybe I'll take an 8:00 nap... Oh well, I think it's still close enough to Friday? I spent last night helping Marisa make moo cards for Pure Styles, as she is going freelance with the making people beautiful thing. I only get one more appointment with her and it makes my hair want to cry :(

1)Fractured Fairy Tales display wall, apparently they make the fronts mostly from things they found on the street and the boxes are mostly reused wood people donated. I think it's really cute!

2)Cute Sculptures made from kitchenwares!

3)Bubble Scrubber! Do the dishes aaaand blow bubbles.

4)Solar Powered Handbag. I guess you can charge your phone or ipod in it?

5)And some art for you. Foxfires does about the prettiest photomanips I've seen (and I've seen a lot :P)