Friday, August 10, 2007

Introducing Audrey

So Matthew and Candice have sold (and by sold I mean practically given away...I love you guys :)) me their computer. This is pretty exciting because it means that Craig and I can each have our own computer. This will save our marriage! Oh wait, maybe a bit dramatic but still, very exciting. Her name is Audrey, because she`s a classic beauty. Although maybe Olga would have been more appropriate, I mean have you ever even seen a 21 inch CRT monitor? It could eat my little 17 inchers for breakfast! And still have room to munch a couple LCD`s for a light snack.

I do however have two problems.

1)Ubuntu. That`s right, I don`t care about linux and I want it gone. If I reformat my hard drive can I make it go away? Windows XP is on there two but it makes me choose and if I don`t choose fast enough I get Ubuntu. I`m just not a big enough nerd to want that.

2)I don`t know how to make Audrey and Gunder (Craig`s computer) be friends and talk to each other. And Audrey needs to get to the internet somehow. Or frankly, she`s useless to me. Network? What? How? Help please?

And by help I mean Karl or Tom? Hmmm? I make good cookies!