Monday, August 06, 2007

Zoo Day!!

So Saturday was a major packing day, we got most of the office done, as well as all the books and movies in the living room. Self high five. Then yesterday we went to visit Kari out in Calgary. We somehow had the brilliant idea to go to the zoo. Because we love the zoo. Also because we are IDIOTS! Don't go to the zoo on a long weekend? Why did this not cross our minds? Why? Geez, we took the LRT because there was a lot of construction traffic. Turns out there was also construction on the train tracks, so we had to do shuttle buses and crap...took at least 20 minutes longer to get to the zoo. Then one we got off the train we found that the line up to get into the zoo was backed up way into the tunnel. We stood in line for over 1/2 an hour. Another 45 minutes to get food. Yeah we left the house around 1:00 and it was 3:15 before we started to look at things. Oh well, it was a nice day, and I always love the zoo anyway. And it was fun to hang out with Kari.

Here's a couple pretty flower picks from the garden for you (my camera is too angry to try and take pics of animals apparently, which is tragic as there was a baby Ibix, sooo cute!).

Also, the silly red pandas were of course hiding. Because they hate me. Even though I love them with an undying love. But it wasn't a complete loss as I finally found a red panda plushy to take home. His name is Shashi.