Saturday, August 04, 2007

I am so smart.....S M R T

So if you've ever been hiking or camping or wandered around a beach with me, you'll know one thing about me. I love pretty rocks. I love them! I'm like a magpie, I wander around looking for pretty shiney things and then I have to take them home. Sometimes I have pockets full. I come by this honestly by aunts and my gramma are the same way, my mom too to some extent. So I get home with my pockets-o-rocks and I carefully paint them with clear nailpolish so that they look pretty and wet all the day long. Some I put in my little zen garden. Some I line up on my bookshelves. But really, what good are they? Until today! I bought a bunch of those little super strong magnets at Michaels and hot glued some of my favourite little rocks and shells to them. I love them, it's like jewelery for my fridge!