Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Five

What a Friday today was. See our evening shift supervisor got into a fight at the bar (he doesn't know what he did! Innocent he swears!) and well...his eye is a bright shade of reddy purple and swollen completely shut. I've never seen such a black eye. So I ended up taking 3 hours off in the middle of the day so I could come back and work the closing shift. Also one of my lifeguards is mildly autistic which makes for a long night. Neeeeed sleep.

On the plus side, this afternoon I dropped my ring off to be replated (poor naked finger) bought printer ink, dropped off my library books (they're so overdue that I'm not going back before I move), got two used books I wanted (score!), and supplies for two fun crafty projects (I got paint for your lanterns Am!).


Friday Five!

1)Giant Cupcake Pan! Now that's amusing.

2)Lilypad Studios, they make these beautiful handcrafted kids furniture.

3)by Vinta, this is a clock! It tells the time by the angle it's tipped at :P

4)Jorine makes adorable white ceramics with legs! These are the three mad hatters:

5)Kaat Tilley, beautiful Belgian fashion designer.