Thursday, August 23, 2007

Greetings from Castlegar

Well we arrived. And survived. I'm so tired.

We got here about 9ish last night and pulled in the mattress and a couple big things off the back of the truck, then unloaded the rest this morning. I've had better mornings. Our bedroom window faces a busyish street and I'm not the world's soundest sleeper at the best of times. So I was up at about quarter to six. Anyway, we got a lot unpacked, my kitchen is almost completely set up. Also the living room is mostly together. Only it's not actually a living room. It's small and weird shaped and we've set both of our computers up in here with a loveseat to watch movies on Audrey's ginormous monitor, which is after all, two inches bigger than the TV. Which is upstairs in the war zone that passes for a spare room. I'm trying not to think about the spare room today. Anyway, Mom and Dad stayed the night to help us move and we all went to visit my Gramma for lunch for her birthday (she lives about 30-40ish minutes away). Then my parents went home from there and we came back and did some more unpacking and then went exploring.

We have a pretty good used bookstore and a small but nice new bookstore within a couple blocks of our house. Also, we went to the library (which is across the street :)). We were able to get cards right away, which surprised me. That's the fun of a smallish town I guess. Anyway, the library is terrific and I already got out Ironside by Holly Black and the third Stephanie Plum book (whatever it's called) by Janet Evokavich. So I'm happy on the book front. Anyway, I should stop with the tired rambling, I'm not even sure what I wrote....I'll try and wake myself up for the Friday Five tomorrow :P