Sunday, August 19, 2007

Save the World Sunday - Week 2

So this week's green friendly change:

No more CD's. Well, no more buying CD's in stores. There's too much packaging and crap and while I do enjoy the cover designs, the amusement really only lasts for a couple minutes, and then it's more clutter in my house. Thus I will be buying my music online. Same goes for computer programs. Not so much with DVD's though, they're too big filewise to keep on the computer and too pretty all lined up on the self.

And yes I really did mean buy and not just download. I do partake in piratical activity from time to time, but most of the artist I enjoy still need to sell albums to eat and buy gas and whatnot. Plus, have you tried finding Henryck Goreki at a decent download speed. Not so easy. Itunes it is.

P.S. The packing? It is killing me.